Silvia the Game Maid

While adventuring in our world you may come across the Shard Maid. Her job is to clean up the mess that some players leave behind. She is killable but very strong and killing this NPC does not yield you anything loot wise so it is not worth your time.

Player Chat system.

You now access the chat system by typing;




There are plenty of features so enjoy!

Battle chess!

Want to play battle chess with other players? By clicking the green stone in front of Picard’s castle and placing the chessboard you can use real live NPC’s to play battle chess! This game will also provide you and your friends with hours of playtime.

Away from keys.

By typing ;


(yes you type the bracket first) It will place your char in a ZzZ state. It still can be attacked but lets others know that you are away from your keyboard!

Added Paintball Game!

Want to play paintball with your friends? It’s easy. Go to Picard’s castle in the front and sign up with some of your friends. You can play this for hours, all weapons are supplied and the board keeps score!

Anthony the drug dealer!

Inspired from my ex’s drug dealer boyfriend, you can now sneak behind Mergan the whores house and meet up with Anthony the dealer. From there you can purchase almost any drug that you want. Beware though some drugs will kill you! All drugs are cheap so you can afford them. Just a note, you may want to find a free resurrection stone in case you die so it auto resurrects your char. He is one of the players favorite char in the game!

Tinity the backstabber!

Tinity the backstabber!

Introducing Tinity, the back stabber! Don’t turn your back on this char if you find her as she will spawn demons to attack you! If you are powerful enough to vanquish her then she at times will drop some nice presents. Also be very careful not to listen to what she spews out of her mouth as it could cost your char his/her life. Although her exact location is unknown she is rumored to be hiding in a cave not far from the village of Columbia!

Mergan the town whore.

While in Britain when you do your banking make sure that you travel behind the bank and there you will find the home of our famous Mergan. She is the server whore. She works pretty simple. You must either carry 500gp or 1000gp, and she will strip all her cloths off to you. You must initiate her by saying “hi” to her other wise she will just jib jab with you about nothing. While you are in her house your char can pick up her aborted baby fetus, and once in your pack by clicking on it you will hear it make a sound! You can also take diapers and put them on the aborted fetus and they will turn into dirty diapers. When your done with Mergan make sure you tell her “bye” and she will throw her nasty panties at you! This is a exclusive char to this game only. You will not find it anywhere else in game. If you go to her basement there are other surprises that await you. Good luck and don’t catch anything!

Added Chief of Police NPC – village of Columbia

Jack Booger is not a mean NPC. He is here to keep Columbia safe from all the monsters and bad things that wander into the village. He is assisted by 20 unnamed Columbia Cops as well. Whether Jack booger is slaying cows or monsters in town, you as a player in the village of Columbia can count on him and his cops to protect you! If you need to find Jack can current be found in the village of Columbia with his crew fighting mad cows and bad monsters! If you still are unable to find the village of Columbia take the green moon gate that is located in front of the Britain Bank! If you are able to attack Jack and successfully beat him he drops a nice gun that you can use to kill other monsters and players in game! Beware he is powerful as well as his cop friends!