Welcome to Section 31. We are the official server of www.runuoscripts.com. We are also the un-official game of a small town named Columbia, Pa., On our customized server you can travel to the virtual town of Columbia, and join our wonderful community. This game is free to play for everyone! There is also no registration to play either so basically just create a username and a password and you can create your own path.

The game has the following features;

We DO NOT have a skill cap currently so all skills can be raised to unknown levels. In order to increase the cap of 100 though you must beat a champ and obtain power scrolls.

Our Stat capacity is 1500 So you can divde them between Dex/Str/Int.

We have a reward/token system for monster kills. The more monsters you kill, the more rewards you can get when you enter the town of Columbia in the game.

We have special Woods & Metals.

You can own three customizable houses on our server, you can get a House Placement Tool from the token reward stone located at the entrance in Columbia.

Section 31 will run on your Windows XP and above PC. Other operating systems are untested.


1. Download Razor, HERE and select to “RUN” or “OPEN” file, follow the instructions on installing it. Please make sure to create a desktop icon. The icon should look like this on your desktop when complete;
There should be a picture here.

2. Download Ultima Online Mondain’s Legacy HERE and select to “RUN” or “OPEN” file, follow the instructions on installing it. DO NOT OPEN THE RAZOR UNTIL THIS STEP IS COMPLETE!

3. Open the razor application by double clicking on the icon, input the following settings, MAKE SURE that patch client encryption is check boxed like in the picture below.

there is none

Make sure you double check all these settings! The Server address is:


Port number is 2593

Make sure it looks like the picture above. then click ok to start the game.
4. When logging in to the game there is no registration required so just make up a Account name and a password, remember it as you will use it over and over to build your player power 🙂 If this doesn’t work you can message us on our Facebook page. Have a great time!